Muse – Episode 06

Muse is an erotic hypnotist and writer. She enjoys longer Sadistic GFE calls and music writing. When making new files Muse likes to use layered effects. You can reach her on Niteflirt: http://niteflirt.com/fkmuse Or follow her Twitter: https://twitter.com/fkmuse   

Phone Mistresses

Kora Peters – Episode 4

A phone Dominant who has a background from mainstream pornography, Kora Peters allows calls with mainstream fans as well as aspiring submissives! She invites callers to call while watching their favorite scenes of her. Learn more about her interests,  fetishes, limits, and favorite types of phone sessions in this interview.

Phone Mistresses

Rose Black — Episode 2

Rose Black is a silly Southern MILF who loves shiny things & orgasms. Her favorite color is blue, and nail polish is her passion! She currently has 5 tattoos and 11 piercings with plans for more body modifications. Platform stilletos, lace & silk are some of her favorite things to …

Phone Mistresses

Bella Vendetta — Episode 1

Mistress Bella Vendetta is a professional and lifestyle Domina of over 15 years training and experience. She began Her training at the world’s oldest BDSM training chateau, La Domaine Esemar in upstate NY. She has since travelled and worked in some of the best dungeons in the country and gone …