Jessie Sage – 16

Jessie Sage is a philosopher by training but works as an online sex worker, alt model, writer, and doula. She works hard to foster intimate connections with phone sex clients and feels privileged to be let into their fantasy world. She co-hosts a podcast on issues of sex and social …


Goddess Natasha Hertz – 15

Goddess Natasha is best known for being a proponent of Female Supremacy and the Dominant Woman.  She has lived the Femdom lifestyle for over 20 years and practiced many years in professional domination. Some of her many interests include the Psychological aspects of domination, extreme New World Order and being …


Miss Huntress – 14

Miss Huntress is a fetish educator and life coach. Her knowledge of the intricate energetic relationship between the kink world and vanilla world, comes from over a decade of personal and professional experiences – as a dominatrix, disciplinarian, and submissive. Through her consultations, she helps clients discover how and why …


Sydney Screams – 13

A nerdy plumper, fetish model, photographer & producer, Sydney Screams (or “SydneyScreams4U” as she is known on the internet!) wants to GET KINKY! with you. Learn about her services on SextPanther, and her work producing fetish clips.


Dan & Judy The Cunt – 12

Dan and Judy are swingers and love to fuck in front of an audience. They’re doing Niteflirt for fun and excitement, instead of money, though they say the money’s nice. They’re seniors and say they’re both having more sex and freakier sex than ever.


Robin Wildheart – 11

Robin Wildheart began her phone sex career in a NYC call center back in 1998. In 2003, she was promoted into the Training Department, where she stayed until 2008. Then she started working at home on Niteflirt. While Robin continues answering phone sex calls, she also provides services to flirts. …


Sultry Miss Em – 10

SultryMissEm has been into Domination and Fetishes for about 15 years. She dabbled in Escorting while in University, got into Domination and Fetish play and has been a ProDomme for 10 years. The last few years have taken her to new levels of international subs/slaves and she has been able …


Mx Ally Brinken – 09

Ally Brinken is a charming sadomasochist, kinky geek, and erotic audio artist. They are genderqueer, which is to say, neither a man nor a woman. Ally has been offering phone sessions, custom audio recordings, and pre-recorded files since 2014, focusing on erotic hypnosis, brainwashing, and humiliation.   Their website: Their …


Shadow Priest – 08

What happens when you study not just hypnosis, but also things like how cults and abusive relationships work, in order to better understand domination and humiliation? What happens when you come to BDSM phone domination with not only a real-life history of practicing BDSM, but also being a frontman for …

religious domme muse

Mistress Jade – Episode 07

Mistress Jade is a unique domme with almost 10 years in lifestyle domination, and 2 years in professional domination. Mis Jade offers many services but she specializes in a very psychological style themed around religious domination. Jade has attended college for psychology and has a background in criminal defense and …